Custard Couple in Messy Pockets


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A new HD movie withmature couple Custard Couplewho find their messy fun in the unlikeliest of places! But the movie becomes a messy treat before going on to some unusual sex fun!

We have a review of this movie written by Mrs. Custard Couple:
“Hiya everyone I thought I would share how this movie came about and what led us to do what might seem a little unusual movie for you all….
So, like everyone we are rushing about at home but that day we had some visitors due that evening, so I agreed to walk down to the local shop, whilst Mr CC stays at home tidying the garden.
I set off for the 10 mins walk to the local Spa for some last minute shopping for tea and took a few shopping bags with me. I`m wearing a pair of white cargo pants teamed with a black blouse and blue cardigan.
Arriving at the shop I continue to shop and rush round with my list picking some items for tonight’s meal, which included some cartons of custard and some angel delights for the kids, along with some other essential items.
I finish my shopping and go through the till with no problem, but as usual find I did not bring enough shopping bags. The assistant kindly asks if I want to purchase another to help me pack the last few items into . Now why is it when you are asked if you want to buy a 5p bag you always think no, I`m not paying for yet another bag…well that is what I did and decided to pack a few items into my pockets, which at the time I thought was a great idea!!
So another 10 mins walk home and all my items safely unpacked at home, I start to feel a wet feeling between my legs and into my panties!! To my horror I find that a carton of custard had started to leak through my pockets and down my leg and had already started to soak my underwear….
Mr CC walks in from the garden just at that time and asks why I looked so upset, I show him the damaged carton of custard and the mess it has now caused in my pocket ! Now I should have known better than show him shouldn`t I??? He had no sympathy and starts to laugh, and I must admit I do start to see the funny side of what has happened.
This seemed to be the signal for Mr CC to take things further and he promptly empties the remains of the custard carton into my other pocket squidging the gloop further into my white cargo pants. This is soon followed by a passionate kiss on my mouth. I could tell how excited he was and I thought what the hell. This must be time for some unplanned messy fun…and it feels great for me too!!!
The other unopened carton is now fully poured down into my pants followed by Mr CC pulling out his penis and sticking it deep down, deep into my messy pockets!! His hands now smearing the mess over my bum and up onto my blouse……I ask him how it feels and with his eyes rolling I can tell he is in ecstasy!! And to fair my juices were starting to gush between my legs. Some more of that evening’s food is opened and we both sink down to the kitchen floor to enjoy a very passionate messy fuck using up some of the groceries bought from the shop earlier that day!
Now guys we had so much fun on that day we decided to re-enact what happened with more mess but in the same every day outfit….I hope you enjoy the messy results!!
And my advice is fill those pockets and enjoy some different messy fun!!
Bye for now
Love Mrs CC xxx”

But just what did happen?
We show you two Clips from movie CC105, firstly as Mrs. CC decides to fill her pockets with custard.
Then in Clip 2 we see Mrs. CC very messed up after getting carried away with her pocket play!

In addition there are 72 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s messy play.
Although not 35mm images, the quality for video grabs is quite good and you can follow how Mrs. CC becomes so messy.
But see for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S415.

MOVIE CC105 has 2 HD Streams running 24 mins 33 secs.

IMAGE SET S415 has 72 shots

S415_Ad00002 S415_Ad00003 S415_Ad00004 S415_Ad00005

Total Run Time: 24 mins 33 secs

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