Mrs. CC in classic Silly Muddy Schoolgirl


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3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 05 secs
Opens with Maisie in schoolgirl play with her teddy in her local park.
Mrs. CC looks and acts the part of a schoolgirl on the brink of adulthood.
CLIP 1 shows us her state of mind full of frustration at adult demands.

Maisie is tempted to get herself and her uniform as muddy as possible.
She finds it amusing that she could turn-up at school in such a state!
“This sounds like a good dare to me”, she says.
So she determines to get really muddy and so annoy her teacher!
At 3 mins 51 secs she dips her shoe into a muddy stream.
This 1st Stream concentrates on muddy shoes and ankle socks with plenty of schoolgirl play.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 15 secs
Maisie thinks she is far too clean.
“I want to make sure I look muddy” she says, “otherwise what is the point in having detention?
There is no point!”
So the idea grips her mind until Maisie is firmly convinced that only being properly muddied, will she create a situation that her teachers will be so mad at her!
Soon her legs are muddied, but it is still not enough.
In CLIP 2 Maisie makes that fundamental decision.

She wants to hold the school record for the muddiest uniform!
So Maisie takes a muddy rollabout in the stream!
At 4 mins 10 secs she exits the muddy stream with her uniform very well mud covered!
What a muddy delight she is!
She even reveals her muddy knickers.
Maisie plays about in the muddy stream.
She sits on the bank to rub mud over the top and arms of her blouse.
At 6 mins 30 secs she starts to remove her tie.
This is followed by the destructive ripping open of her blouse.
Maisie exposes her white bra.
But this is quickly muddied up with handfuls of muddy water.
She stumbles about calling herself “the swamp munster”.
Back in the stream she flounders about before falling.
She shows off a very muddy leg, ankle sock and shoe.
Her skirt is very heavy and muddy so she decides to remove it.
Stream 3 runs 10 mins 58 secs
Now clad in a muddy open blouse, bra, brief knickers, ankle socks and shoes, Maisie jumps back into the muddy stream and lying down she has an invigorating rollabout.
She climbs out totally muddy except for her face and hair.
Some delightful muddied shots of her here.
She playfully sits on the bridge to dangle her muddied legs in the stream.
Maisie slides back into the muddy stream before lying on the opposite bank to splash her legs.
But the muddy fun must end some time!
She struggles to put her skirt back on.
She exits the stream and walks back across the bridge showing the back of her wet and muddy skirt.
She ties her blouse below her bra covered boobs.
She heads away from the muddy stream saying she must get off to school.
We can see her muddied state as she leaves the bridge and muddy stream – see CLIP 3.

After her walk into the field, the muddied Maisie starts a skipping dance in a lyrical, playful manner.
She tells us she so enjoyed her muddy fun, but realizes she will be in big trouble, but she does not care!
Sitting on the bank in a very muddy state, she examines her shoes and of course those ankle socks.
She examines her dirty muddy knickers and bra, which she pronounces as “totally thick with mud”.
She ends by saying “Oh well, off to school we go”.
A caption says “The End” on the movie…..but keep watching.
At 7 mins 51 secs we have a reprise song for the movie which runs 3 mins 08 secs.
Written and sung by a devoted fan of Mrs. CC, this is easy listening, melodic, thoughtful music.
Add in some great accompanying scene excerpts and it assumes a rhythmical and lyrical quality.
The very delightful song expresses joy with the movie and its star Mrs. Custard Couple!

Are there any image shots from movie CC162?
Yes there are and we have managed to produce 111 shots.
These follow the action of the movie.
But we show you 5 sample shots from image set M249.

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Total Run Time: 30 mins 18 secs

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