Dee delights with Angel Delights


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2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 16 secs
Dee tells us she has previously done a shoot with Chocolate Angel Delight for WSM.
She was referring to movie WSM064 and image set S236 shot in December 2008.
You can see both that movie and image set on our Subscription site.
This shoot there are 3 different flavours of Angel Delight.
She commences with Raspberry which she spreads over her orange dress and black pantyhose, turning her dress pink – see CLIP 1.

She sits on the plinth to slaver her legs with the Angel Delight.
She spreads the dessert on the floor so she can get the back of her dress messy.
Having covered her dress, arms and legs, only her face and hair remain unscathed.
At 7 mins 27 secs she massages the Angel Delight into her hair and daubs it on her face!
Sitting on the floor she ensures that all of her is covered in dessert.
Dee now looks delightfully messy!

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 58 secs
Commences as Dee removes her Raspberry coated dress.
Then she introduces a 2nd flavor which is Butterscotch.
Dee rubs this over her bare top then applies some to her tights.
She sits and rolls on the floor trying to get further messed up.
Then we have the final Angel Delight flavor which is Chocolate.
She kneels to apply this to her body, rolling her tights down – see CLIP 2.

Then she removes her shoes and tights, messing up her clean legs.
She is now only clad in brief knickers (and plenty of Angel Delight).
She rolls about trying to mess herself up further.
Dee surprises us with a further bowl of Chocolate Angel Delight that has been prepared differently.
She pours the bowl over her head with excellent messy results.
Dee even dips her face into the chocolate mix that lies on the floor.
She continues to writhe around the floor enjoying the messiness.
Finally, she removes her knickers and continues to spread the messy mixture over her body.
She ends by hoping we enjoyed her delights!

Image set S425 has 127 Images of Dee’s messy play.
Not often I say this but I believe the images better the movie in this shoot.
Each shot has been checked and we do like you to see the detail, which means adequate lighting.
WSM take trouble to ensure you always see our shoot images in the best quality we can prepare.
But judge for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S425.

MOVIE WSM231 has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 14 secs.
IMAGE SET S425 has 127 shots

S425_ad01 S425_ad02 S425_ad03 S425_ad04 S425_ad05

Total Run Time: 20 mins 14 secs

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