Mrs. CC in a tale of two Swimsuits


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2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 10 mins 17 secs
Mrs. CC firstly wears a retro swimsuit which is a yellow, skirted swimsuit.
She is on holiday and enjoys an outdoor villa pool.
She starts to get wet – see CLIP 1.

She shows us the back of her costume.
Eventually she swims about exposing some clinging nipples.
There is much emphasis on leg shots (set off by her white heels).
Lying back on the pool steps she cannot resist feeling herself!
She takes her top down to splash her boobs.
Then she exits the pool showing off her long, long legs and beautiful boobs.
Back in the pool she shows her wet costumed bum.
Then more leggy shots with her boobs still exposed.
She sits on the edge of the pool, but soon her hand is between her legs, as the water has stimulated her senses.
She kneels up and makes a wedgie of her costume before some more excellent leg and boob shots.
Then Mrs. CC gets up and removes her costume.
She walks around the pool then re-enters it nude.
Away she swims before exiting a final time only clad in those superb white heels!

Stream 2runs 7 mins 08 secs
This was a custom shoot with a sheer white slinky swimsuit worn with high black heels.
Mrs. CC enters a small Jacuzzi and sits to dunk her costume.
The waters around her sparkle in delight.
She kneels up for a good back view of her costume which is now clinging in all the right places!
She leans over the Jacuzzi to wet her boobs, then she takes down the top of her costume.
There is a lovely contrast with the sheer white swimsuit and her lovely bared boobs!
She exits the Jacuzzi with a fine back shot.
She refastens her swimsuit which has gone very see thru’.
Then she re-enters the pool – see CLIP 2

She swims in the pool.
Then she sits in the shallows before giving us excellent wet costume back shots as she exits.
Mrs. CC walks across to the sun-bed and lies back.
She looks magnificent wetted, still wearing her black high heels.
As if hearing us, she removes her scanty white swimsuit and lies back nude (heels excepted).
We all admire her wonderful figure!

In addition there are 142 Images of Mrs. CC’s Swimsuits play.
There are 89 yellow costume and 53 white costume shots.
Of course WSM take care to show you a full representation of the action through images.
Probably not for the seasoned Wetlook enthusiast, but all wammers need to start somewhere!
And this is an excellent Wetlook set to commence an interest.
But there should be something of interest for every Wetlook fan here.

MOVIE CC163has 2 HD Streams running 17 mins 25 secs.

IMAGE SET W426 has 142 shots (see above).

We show you 5 sample shots of Mrs. CC’s tale of two swimsuits!
Which is your favourite?

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Total Run Time: 17 mins 25 secs

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