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2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

Stream 1
Dee is our product test girl.
She starts on her hands and legs as she coats herself and her blue dress with the chocolate - see CLIP 1.

It is a slow, patient daubing as she becomes messier and messier.
The product proves not easy to apply.
But this changes at 7 min 35 sec after the product is microwaved.
There are some great close-up shots in this movie.
It proved difficult to coat the back of her dress, but Dee was persistent.
Eventually she succeeds.

Stream 2
Commences as Dee says ‘Nice and chocolaty but to be a full chocolate girl, I am going to have to do my face and hair’.
She sets about daubing her face and hair.
The chocolate transforms her appearance - see CLIP 2.

Dee continues to coat her hair and face with the chocolate.
She asks us ‘Does it look as good as it feels and it tastes?’
She then removes her dress.
She continues her body smearing as the chocolate is applied.
If you like a really messy lady, then this is superb!
She sits on the floor to continue.
She stands to get a better application to all her body.
She tells us she could be a mud girl! Well, she certainly is well plastered with the choc!
Next she removes her shoes, then her stockings.
This means she has to re-coat her legs with the chocolate and we have a close-up view.
What a chocolate delight she looks!
‘Nearly there’, says Dee as she removes her knickers.
So we end with a fully nude Dee, fully chocolate covered!
Quite remarkable for a mature lady to enjoy such messy play!

MOVIE WSM194 of Dee getting messy with chocolate spread product Nutcity has 2 Streams running 20 mins 41 secs.

Sadly the main file of images were lost in a computer malfunction.
Image set S378 has 125 shots, mostly video grabs.
But there were several original images captured.
These partly feature in the sample shots.
See if the chocolaty Dee appeals as we show you 5 sample shots.

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Total Run Time: 20 mins 41 secs

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