Custard Couple - the Postman calls Twice


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Stream 1 runs 9 mins 54 secs
Do Custard Couple (CC) bother to make that extra effort for a custom shoot?
Our opening scene reveals all, as Mr. CC looks a very authentic postman! – see CLIP 1

We see Mrs. CC in her underwear sat at her desk.
She is most pleased to see the postman.
He gives her two packages.
Mrs. CC tells us that she is expecting gifts.
The postman (Mr. CC) reluctantly leaves but hopes to see her tomorrow.
Mrs. CC sets about opening the packages.
These contain:
Strappy heels, a black, sexy satin pencil skirt, silk socks and a pretty long sleeved blouse.
So is Mrs. CC getting dressed up to go out for a special evening with Mr. CC?
Not at all!
She does get dressed in the outfit which she says looks very chic and sophisticated.
But Mrs. CC is going to be very naughty by having “a really black slimy bath in these clothes!”
Why? – see Clip 2

She is looking forward to these superior elegant clothes being all wet and slimy!
She provokes us further by modelling them then hoisting her tight, black satin skirt to show her white knickers which will get “very, very messed up!”
She leads us to her slimy bath!

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 28 secs
Mrs. CC commences by dipping her shoe into the black slime.
Of course all the time she chats to us and explains how it feels!
She did not expect the slime to be “that gloopy!”
She dips her left foot, then her right into the slime and soon she is walking in total slime.
At 2-38 she sits on the side of the bath.
Now she can take handfuls of the slime!
Soon she is putting it over her legs, socks and shoes.
Kneeling she coats her stockings.
She enjoys the feel of the slime and tells us “it is extremely erotic”.
At 4-26 she starts to pour a jugful of slime over herself.
She starts with the skirt but soon is drenching her blouse as they both become wet and slimy.
At 6-02 she sits in the black slime.
“It’s just so pleasurable! It sticks to you and your clothes! It just feels really, really invigorating.
It also makes you feel very naughty!”
She continues to pour the slime over her clothes and does look a treat fully covered, yet so relaxed.
She crouches facing the camera and pours the black slime down her knickers, enjoying the squelchy effect! Some fantastic detailed slimy knicker shots here!

Stream 3 runs 15 mins 05 secs
Mrs. CC undoes buttons on her blouse before pouring slime.
Standing she pours the black slime down herself over both blouse and skirt.
She lifts her skirt to baste her white panties with the black slime.
Some great knicker and leg shots here.
“It feels heavenly”, she says.
She kneels in the bath to pour more slime over the back of her knickers.
Then it is time to get her hair (and self) “really, really covered in gunge” – see CLIP 3.

Now overwhelmed with the slime appeal she decides to have “a full lie in it” – see CLIP 4.

So Mrs. CC lies full length in her bath to experience the full charms of a slime bath.
Visually for her clothes, body and hair this is a very glistening sight.
At 6-16 her hands slip between her legs and she starts to rub herself to arousel.
She enjoys the warm, slimy, inviting situation.
She lies back, hand in knickers, as the erotic wave engulfs her.
At 7-15 with a finger in her mouth, it is obvious where this is heading.
Her murmurs and groans of sexual arousal build, as her climax grows.
She shows us briefly her aroused pussy (the only nude shot).
This sends her over the edge for her climax.
Having orgasmed Mrs. CC continues her slime bath.
At 9-55 she removes her skirt so she “can feel more of this beautiful slime just on me”.
She ties her blouse and continues to caress her body and pour further slime over herself.
At 11-14 she sits down in the slimy bath to “feel her socks”.
She removes her shoes for some sock play (remember, this is a custom movie).
Caressing her feet and legs stimulates further erotic thoughts as with her outstretched leg and foot held, her other hand is in her knickers for more erotic stimulation.
Sinking back deeply into the bath Mrs. CC relishes the black slime.

Stream 4 runs 10 mins 00 secs
With Mrs. CC wallowing in her black slimy bath, the postman does indeed call twice!
She is very startled when he knocks on her door but relaxes when she realizes that it is her postman.
She permits him to enter her bathroom and he is very surprised by her appearance.
Quickly he understands that the new clothes he delivered to her earlier, are being worn and messed up!
He delivers her letter and she asks him to remove his jacket and wait to see if she needs to reply.
He is uncomfortable, especially with the bath full of the slippy black gloop!
“Am I good to go” he enquires of Mrs. CC?
But Mrs. CC has other ideas and grasping his tie she pulls him into the slimy bath with her.
He is astonished but Mrs. CC says he has been giving her the eye.
The postie is encouraged and gets into the bath fully.
Mrs. CC undoes his shirt and puts him in the picture – see CLIP 5.

She pours black slime over them both.
He admires her socks as Mrs. CC lies back in the bath.
She entices him further and sits on him spreading her long legs about his head.
Mrs. CC then lies back allowing her postie to feel her legs and thighs and then splay her legs apart in provocative style.
They end as he slumps into the bath as Mrs. CC takes things further with kisses.
So what continued is left to our imaginations!
But what terrific slimy WAM movie that was!
And great Role Play from the wonderful Custard Couple (CC).

IMAGE SET S447 has 182 great shots.
Too often image sets do not tell the whole tale.
But this set does and has been carefully processed.
Some excellent WAM images here!
We show you 6 sample shots from image set S447.

MOVIE CC133 has 4 HD Streams running 44 mins 27 secs and is only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S447 has 182 shots

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Total Run Time: 44 mins 27 secs

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