Dee is a Custard lady


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2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 51 secs
This was Dee’s first and only custard shoot in the studio.
She is dressed in a black above the knee short sleeved dress, black strappy patent leather heels, hold-up stockings and brief black knickers.
Did you notice her finger nails?
So off we go with the custard play.
Firstly over her arms and shoulders, soon the custard is liberally sploshed over the front of her dress.
Next her shoes and stockings get the custard treatment.
She kneels on the floor to squirm in the fallen custard.
Then she sits to pour more custard over her legs and skirt.
Her stockings look sleek and glistening with the custard.
At 6 mins 08 secs it is time to pour custard down the back of her dress (and down her neck……producing whoops!)
Then she lies back to writhe in the mess with plenty of floor play in the custard. Dee may be mature but she is still fit.
At 7 mins 25 secs custard goes over her face.
Scraping up the custard from the floor, she rubs it in her face and throws handfuls over her face – see CLIP 1.

This is now really messy custard play as Dee frolics about getting totally messy.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 51 secs
Commences as Dee pours 2 cartons of custard over her hair.
With her head towards the camera she lies on the floor giving us great views of her custard coated hair and custard sleeked legs.
After 2 mins she removes her dress, then kneels to apply further custard to her arms & boobs- see CLIP 2.

More messy floor play follows then further custard applications while kneeling.
Dee does become a full custard lady and is continually active.
This is Messy woman play at its best!
Add in close-up camera play and this is a real messy delight.
Dee sits on the shower plinth to add more custard before removing her knickers with 2-33 remaining.
Standing, Dee douses her bum in custard.
With one minute remaining, the final carton of custard is poured over her boobs and body to leave her looking a very sleek, custard coated lady.
Still clad in her stockings and heels the custardy Dee waves goodbye.

Image set S441 has 114 Images of Dee’s messy play.
These are 35mm shots and there is a wide variety to view.
Each shot has been checked and we do like you to see the detail, which means adequate lighting.
WSM take trouble to ensure you always see our shoot images in the best quality we can prepare.
But judge for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S441.

MOVIE WSM252 has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 42 secs.

IMAGE SET S441 has 114 shots

S441_ad01 S441_ad02 S441_ad03 S441_ad04 S441_ad05

Total Run Time: 20 mins 42 secs

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