Dee is Syruped in a summer dress


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3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 40 secs
Dee has dressed in her summer best.
All because she wishes to be syruped!
So off we start with Golden Syrup.
Dee begins to cover her arms, dress and legs.
Things get stickier and stickier!
Soon her dress is very clingy, but the back remains untouched.
She occasionally chats to us.
The syruping continues with her knickers and her feet – see CLIP 1.

Eventually Dee tells us that everything is syrupy.
Her dress is now very opaque!

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 38 secs
Dee commences this Stream by getting the back of her dress covered in golden syrup.
She kneels up to pour the syrup down her back before squirming on the floor.
She is now becoming syrupy all over except for her face and hair.
She is constantly active.
At 3 mins 24 secs she starts to syrup her hair followed by her face.
We can hear the crinkles from her syrupy dress as she moves about.
She is syruped all over by 5 mins 30 secs.
But even more syrup is applied in this very sticky shoot!
At 8 mins 18 secs she introduces the Strawberry Syrup- see CLIP 2.

The Strawberry syrup is poured over her dress, body and hair as she continues with her syrup play.

Stream 3 runs 6 mins 14 secs
At the start of this Stream Dee removes her dress.
She reveals the final syrup which is Chocolate.
She sets to work to cover her body, knickers and stockings.
She increases the syrupy mess with one Choc syrup bottle in each hand, as she pours them from above her head – see CLIP 3.

Once again Dee rolls about in the syrupy mess.
Then she coats her back in the chocolate syrup.
She is getting chocolaty all over.
With 2 minutes remaining she removes her knickers.
There is further choc syrup play with some teasing explicit poses.
Dee hopes we enjoyed her really sticky treat!
I am sure we all did!

Image set S433 has 176 Images of Dee’s messy play.
These are 35mm shots and the quality is good.
Each shot has been checked and we do like you to see the detail, which means adequate lighting.
WSM take trouble to ensure you always see our shoot images in the best quality we can prepare.
In this shoot the image shots certainly do rival the movie.

MOVIE WSM239 has 3 HD Streams running 25 mins 32 secs.

IMAGE SET S433 has 176 shots

But judge for yourself as we show you 6 sample shots from image set S433.

S433_ad01 S433_ad02 S433_ad03 S433_ad04 S433_ad05 S433_ad06

Total Run Time: 25 mins 32 secs

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