Wet and Milky bath 1 for Mrs. CC


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2 HD Sample Clips plus 2 HD Streams

Stream 1 runs 14 mins 30 secs
More role play from Custard Couple (CC).
Mrs. CC has been found to have sent upskirt pics to work colleagues.
Mr. CC accuses her of flirting and teasing.
He proves his point when she reveals stockings and suspenders for her night out!
Mr. CC says he is going to cleanse her of her dirty thoughts by putting her in the bath dressed as she is!
He leads his protesting wife to the bathroom.
There she is met by a bathful of water.
Mr.CC makes her sit back fully clothed in the water.
She is annoyed as it is her best dress and jacket.
Mr. CC makes her turn around in the bath.
Then she has to sink under the water and Mr. CC assists in pushing her head under.
He is pleased with his chastisement and tells her to go face down in the bath water.
Again, Mr. CC pushes her face under the water.
A bedraggled Mrs. CC tells him it is annoying.
A triumphant Mr. CC tells her that it is time to start something that will really annoy her!
Cold milk is poured by Mr.CC over her head.
This is followed by a jug of water over her head.
Some detailed close-up shots here of her head and face wetting.
She stands up and then has to pour 4 pints of milk over her head – see CLIP 1.

This is followed by a large jug of water, again over the head!
Then a carton of milk.
Another 2 cartons of milk and a jug of water go over her head to wash her dirty mind!
Mr. CC asks if it is cleansing her.
No she replies as she is getting used to it now.
A determined Mr.CC carries on with the water and milk treatment as he continues to try and cleanse her dirty mind.
But……Mrs.CC is starting to like it (I mean water and milky mess are just perfect for her!)
She has always fancied a milk bath……so she dunks her head in the bath water.
Mr. CC says he likes making her suffer.
So Mrs. CC decides to tease him and make him suffer (hence no sex in this movie!)
More milk goes over her head.
She removes her jacket.
Another carton of milk has Mrs. CC lifting her skirt to provoke her husband.
He asks her to show him how excited she could get!
She pours the milk over her knickers and suspender belt.
Mr. CC is now enjoying this!

Stream 2 runs 12 mins 10 secs
Mrs. CC is starting to feel quite horny.
She removes her dress to reveal her white basque.
Mr. CC recognizes the signs and tells her that there is no stopping her now!
She launches into more wet play with a further 4 jugs over her head!
This has got her going and her free hand caresses her clit as she plays with herself!
Then we see a back shot as the water cascades over her head, back and bum.
She lies in the bath for more clit play and sinks lower into the milky bath water.
With her left hand in her knickers her head sinks under the water!
Knowing Mr. CC’s weakness, she starts to play with her white panties.
Mrs. CC is being cleansed in that beautiful milky bath.
Raising her right leg she asks Mr. CC how good does it look?
She is relying on her physical presence and her wet and milky state to divert Mr. CC away from her inner self! Cleanse her mind!
Kneeling, she dunks her face and head again under the milky water.
Then a classic swish of the head and wet hair for some wet perfection!
She attacks her clit and her arousal builds.
Squatting, another 2 jugs of milky bathwater go over her head as she frigs herself hard.
We get a brief view of her clit and pussy lips as Mrs.CC continues her clit play.
Mr. CC is now aroused and tells us he has his cock out, but he knows he has no chance of taking that further after trying to chastise his wife.
Mrs. CC is making him suffer as she puts all her efforts into achieving her own climax.
She releases her boobs to provoke him further.
Mr. CC takes a carton of milk to pour over her head and face, which makes her even more horny!
Now we have an extra dimension as she rubs and plays with her tits.
Mrs. CC is enjoying herself as Mr.CC pours yet another jug of milky bathwater over her head as she frigs away!
Standing, she uses the jug over herself – see CLIP 2.

After yet more bathwater over her head, Mrs. CC slips her knickers down while continuing to finger herself. Another 3 jugfuls follow as she gets into a steady rhythm.
She is now overcome in the pursuit of her pleasure which is enhanced as cold milk goes over her head.
Mrs. CC enjoys her long climax.
More water goes over her head as a well satisfied Mrs. CC enjoys the final moments.
Her pussy is burning!
Mr. CC sounds off calling her various names.
But Mrs. CC knows she has won both physically and psychologically!
Mr. CC confesses that it had the opposite effect of what he had thought, but he very much enjoyed it. Mrs. CC was insatiable and totally enjoyed her experience.
And I am sure we all did too!

There are 201 images taken from movie CC152, our ref W406.
This is a most fantastic record of this steamy movie.
It is not often you see this much detail.
But WSM do take enormous pride in our image sets.
Great images to support a great movie!
We hope you enjoy these 6 sample shots from image set W406.

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Total Run Time: 26 mins 40 secs

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