21st May 2022

WHAT’S NEW as at 21st May 2022

OUR NAME CHANGED to www.wsmprod.com in February 2017

Now in our 41st Year of continuous WAM Production

We are the oldest WAM business in the world!


WSM are now updating fortnightly.

We have changed our update day to a Saturday.

This is still a great time to purchase either a Subscription or Downloads in US dollars.

Our rates were calculated at 1.40 USD to £1 Sterling.

As USD traded at 1.25 yesterday, if you buy a Subscription in Sterling, in effect you get a 16.7% discount for paying in US dollars! So why wait?  Take a Subscription or find a cheap Download.



Having been requested to add entries for the various awards, Mike Ellison responded for WSM stating “I have been a leader, instructor but never a competitor”.

Such awards are to encourage modern day creators but not for me.

This is a wonderful event that Messtival have organized.

Great encouragement for younger producers to make their mark in the WAM industry.

But sadly I am now a grandfather of WAM and surely I have had my day!


With regard to my/WSM nomination by Messtival for The Bill Shipton Award for Lifetime Achievement, Messtival fail to understand that such an award is awarded by the Industry body and as such is not voted on.

As Messtival do not define what a “lifetime achievement” is, how many years involved in the WAM community or how many movies produced, then this lack of definition and the nature of some of the nominees caused me to withdraw. (And no, I did not nominate Custard Couple who achieve 11 years of association with WSM early June 2022).

In addition there are very notable exclusions who fully merit consideration for such an award.

As this is Messtival’s 2nd Awards ceremony they have much to prove but have certainly devalued the name of Bill Shipton.


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Next up we will post Custard Couples ‘Mrs. CC Wet Adventure’ (bike ride), which is movie XXX059.

 Shot entirely outdoors, Mrs. CC ends up with her bike in the river, then rides her bike in a river estuary before accepting bike repairs from a stranger (who is well rewarded).




Two items this week:

  1. New HD movie XXX093 running 25 minutes, has Custard Couple (CC) having a very messy dinner at home on their garden patio .

In addition there are 156 images in set S491XXX of this very messy play!


  1. Another Movie and Image set are added to the WSM Subscription site.

In 20 minute movie WSM222 Dee product trials the chocolate spread ‘Swirl’.

Dee goes from clean (dressed all in white) to extremely messy with great chocolate play.

Add in 150 images in set S414 and this is a wonderful package!


We will continue our review of Vintage Film 9 in our update of 16th June.


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A bit of a nightmare to edit this movie!

What do you do when a neighbor sets out to thwart your messy sex fun?

A messy shoot is like a Mastermind question as the time buzzer goes!

“I have started so now I will finish” the question master says.

We should all know that once the messy play commences, the foodstuffs have been prepared, the first mess sploshed……then there is no going back!!

So overall we did lose 6 minutes of good content due to noise…….but a nice movie survives!

Add in some concluding sex play, including an anal scene, and I hear you all say ‘no way!’

So seeing is believing…….and here it is!

In movie XXX093 CC demonstrate again how couples should enjoy their messy dinner date!



A brand new Download HD Movie plus Image set


Custard Couple (CC) in ‘Messy Dinner on the Patio’

Run-time 25 mins 34 secs


2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips (clips are not explicit)


Stream 1 runs 13 mins 40 secs

After some initial apprehension (and we all know why) and an introductory drink, CC start their meal with chicken soup.

There are some unwanted guests……..no not the neighbours but wasps!

CC talk about their intended messy dinner fun and inspect the foodstuffs for today’s feast.

Mrs. CC cannot wait to get trashed!

She starts to play with her bowl of soup, dribbling it down her expensive outfit.

Soon she is daubing it in her cleavage before pouring two bowls over herself.

Mr. CC joins in as his bowl of soup is poured down his front.

CC rub the soup over themselves.

Next, the spaghetti arrives!

A bold Mr. CC takes handfuls to put inside his trousers.

He wonders what Mrs. CC will do with the spaghetti.

See CLIP 1 for the answer.


Then we see Mrs. CC with yogurt running down her hair and the back of her clothes…..as she adds another cupful.

A standing Mr. CC pours the yogurt over his underpants, then his shirt.

He astonishes his wife bringing a very creamy cake to their fare and then plunging his hard cock into the creamy mess.

Mrs. CC fondles his cock affectionately daubing it with the creamy cake in teasing, erotic play.

Mrs. CC kneels up in her chair to expose her tight black knickers.

She rubs the creamy cake into her bum.

Yogurt is added to the creamy cake which Mrs. CC quishes over her bum while Mr. CC wanks away!

Mr. CC tries to touch but is warned off (as they had agreed a no-touch rule to begin with).

A bowl of custard is introduced.

Mrs. CC flings helpings over Mr. CC’s shirt splattering him up.

Taking a carton of custard she pours this over her jacket, cleavage, hair and down the front of her dress.

A seated Mr. CC takes a huge handful of custard to rub into his face.

CC both rub the custard into their clothes.

Mr. CC rubs his cock on the table food covered cloth.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. CC asks for the gravy.

She somewhat jumps the gun to pour the huge bowl of gravy over her head (which is sadly out of shot)!

We see the gravy splatter down!


Stream 2 runs 11 mins 54 secs

As this stream commences we see the results of the gravy over Mrs. CC.

Mr. CC is very aroused and wanks his cock.

Another bowl of gravy is introduced which goes over Mr. CC’s shirt then head.

Mrs. CC objects to their not being able to touch while Mr. CC sits playing with his cock.

Two containers of ice cream are introduced as CC try to cool down!

They slop the ice cream over themselves.

Mrs. CC removes her jacket then rubs her boobs into the messy table.

They move the table away.

Mr. CC sprays his horny wife with lemonade – see CLIP 2


Then they have a bowl each of Angel Delight.

Again, due to their no touch rule they slop the creamy desserts over themselves.

Mrs. CC removes her dress.

At last CC get into a clinch.

But there are still more foodstuffs as they each take a bottle of Ketchup.

Mr. CC attacks her neck and cleavage.

Mrs. CC espies his rampant cock and drops to her knees.

Crouching, she sucks his cock.

Mr. CC removes his shirt and Mrs. CC pours a jug of custard down his chest.

They fondle each other as the no touch spell has been broken!

Mrs. CC tells him she “needs to be fucked”.

She leans on her chair as Mr. CC frots her arse, but she asks to be “fucked hard”.

So Mr. CC enters doggie style responding to her requests to be “fucked harder”.

Mr. CC hammers away as best he can.

He asks her “Do you need me up the arse as well?”

And at 8 mins 00 secs Mr. CC obliges as they shag away!

A change as Mr. CC lies back while Mrs. CC crouches to sit on his cock, then they fuck away.

Mrs. CC requests that Mr. CC lie down.

Then it is a far more vigorous fucking .

Still not satisfied Mrs. CC asks for more.

She eventually cums and slides away.

They both end up well greased up with the foodstuffs, but very happy as their love shines through.

The movie ends with them still groping each other!

Now that was different but thank goodness we persisted to get this somewhat noisy version published.


MOVIE XXX093  has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 34 secs.


IMAGE SET S491XXX has 156 shots

We show you 6 sample images from this set.

No noise here and some of these shots look so good.

We do hope you enjoy them.

What a happy mature couple they are!

Not often you see such very messy fun from a mature couple!




£8-40  GBP

$11-30 USD

Euro 9.70


Movie XXX093 is only available as a Download.

To Purchase movie XXX093 go to https://wsmprod.com then Downloads – Online Store, then ‘XXX Section’ and find movie

‘CC in Messy Dinner on the Patio’

which runs 25 minutes and has 156 images.







Towards the end of 2015 year and in early 2016 I did a series of 7 shoots in my old studio.

Why the rush?

Because my studio was sold in March 2016.

This movie of Dee was shot 11th February 2016.

A few months earlier Dee had ballooned to 11 stone! (see muddy movie WSM209).

At this shoot WSM222 Dee had trimmed to 9 stone 10lbs.

Now it takes much determination with exercise and diet to lose weight in middle age.

Eventually she got down to 7 stone 3lbs which was far too thin for modeling.

I think her best weight was 8 stone 3 lbs which you will eventually see in WSM movies WSM271 and WSM272 (both river shoots).

But back to our current movie WSM222 in which Dee very much enjoys getting totally messy, as she tests chocolate spread Swirl as she goes from clothed to nude.



A brand new Download HD Movie plus Image set


‘Dee messy with Swirl chocolate spread’

Run-time 19 mins 56 secs


2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4


Stream 1 runs 9 mins 21 secs

Another product test for Dee which is a chocolate spread with white swirls.

Dee wears a white mini sundress with a white suspender belt, stockings and white knickers.

She starts by pouring the liquidy Swirl down her arms.

She finds this product very smooth.

Having been warmed, it is free running and spreads very easily.

Dee stands in a silver space ship paddling pool (still fantastic value in May 2020 at £12).

She smoothes the chocolate into her arms.

The next jar goes over the front of her dress – see CLIP 1.

Soon her dress is looking very chocolaty.

Dee approves of the product as she rubs the melted chocolate over her legs.

Suddenly her back is also chocolate covered.

Dee now looks a chocolate girl except for her face and hair.

She ensures she is covered all over by applying further choc while sat in the pool.

Then she lies back to lift her dress.

We see some white from her suspender belt and knickers.

Dee attends to this smearing on the choc as she lies back in the pool.

She kneels up to finish the job.

Now this is a lady who loves to get messy.

She squirms on her stomach to spread the chocolate mess.


Stream 2 runs 10 mins 35 secs

This commences as Dee says ‘The real test of a good chocolate product is how does it go on the face and your hair?’

With that a jar of chocolate Swirl goes over her head!

Then she rubs it into her face with approving comments.

Some great close-up shots here.

‘A chocolate shampoo’ says Dee as she works away at her hair.

Next the dress is removed.

Dee sits in the pool to apply the choc swirl to her body slathering her boobs.

She rolls around the pool becoming more covered in chocolate.

She lies back and more chocolate swirl goes over her.

She lifts and caresses her legs.

‘I’m nearly all covered in chocolate’, she says.

Dee stands up ‘dripping with chocolate swirl’ – see CLIP 2.

She does make a beautiful messy sight!

With 3 minutes still to run she removes her knickers.

A jar of Swirl is deposited on her pubes.

Then some choc swirl goes on her bum.

What a delightful totally chocolaty woman Dee has become.

She shows off her chocolate coated legs before some good open leg raunchy shots.

What a fantastic messy chocolate lady Dee is!


Image set S414 has 150 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) shots of Dee’s messy play.

These shots have been carefully checked over and give a superb account of Dee’s chocolaty play.

You will be spoilt for choice but I am sure you will find at least one you like.

We did lose one of our main 35mm lights half way through.

But there are sufficient images to reflect Dee’s messy play.

And if you like chocolate ladies……well this is a special treat!

But judge for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S414.



MOVIES WSM222 has 2 HD Streams running 19 mins 56 secs.


IMAGE SET S414 has 150 shots



£6-70  GBP

$9-00 USD

Euro 7.70


To Purchase HD movie WSM222 go to the Home page at  www.wsmprod.com then ‘Downloads – Online Store’ section, then ‘WSM Movies & Images’ and find ‘Dee messy with Swirl chocolate spread’.





But this is only one movie and one image set from our Subscription section which has 349 Movies and 534 Image sets all available just for the price of a subscription!

How much?


We continue to take SUBSCRIPTION payments in £ Sterling, US dollars and Euros, for membership of the WSM Website.

The Subscription site does not include access to new movie/images Downloads in the Online Store, which we have added during the previous two years, or any XXX movies.

Movies and Image sets added to the WSM Online Store under ‘WSM Movies & Images’ are added also to the Subscription site, 2 years after being posted as a Download. 

Look at the JOIN NOW page to see our great value for 30 day, 3 month and 6 monthly Subscriptions as for a Subscription you can access:

349 Movies averaging 29 minutes each, including 18 Messy Wrestling Movies and 113 Custard Couple Movies, (which include 32 joint productions with WSM),

15 vintage movies and 203 normal WSM movies (excluding 32 duplicated joint production movies with Custard Couple).

PLUS 59,722 Images in 534 sets (being 188 W + 247 S + 99 M).

But if you want to see all these Movies and Image sets, then you need to take a Subscription to become a Member.

Click here to see the amazing value Join costs!




From January 2022 WSM will no longer update weekly but fortnightly.


4th June New Movie WSM245 with Dee in a cream dress in the river plus black tights (no knickers) and black heels.  Plus image set W398.

 We pay Tribute to 11 years of Association between WSM and Custard Couple (CC).


16th June Another new movie with Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) in Mud Slut 16 ‘Muddy Swamp’ movie CC128 plus image set M239.

 A further movie added to our Subscription site after 2 years as a Download only.

 Here is Honour May’s sole outdoor wet shoot in the river.

 Movie WSM237  runs 18 minutes plus a wonderful image set of 260 shots in set W397.


2nd July We have already seen Mrs. CC’s Car Wash 2 movie.

 Now we have Mrs. CC in new movie Car Wash 1 being movie CC110 plus image set W305.


 Still on the horizon we have Mrs. CC pushing the boundaries getting messy in a manure dump!

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