7th May 2022

WHAT’S NEW as at 7th May 2022

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Next up we will post ‘Custard Couples’ muddiest couple play,’ which is movie WSM186 or CC25.

 The title describes it all and features their play after Mrs. CC’s muddiest goalkeeper competition.




Two items this week:

  1. New HD movie WSM226 running 23 minutes, has Dee in saucy paint play.

This was the final shoot at my Studio.

Plus there are 143 images in set S417 of this very messy play!


  1. We have been following the WAM dreams of Shakina in our movie ‘Sex WSM’.

This week we look at the Alternate (which is XXX) Stream 5 featuring superb messy slapstick  couple fun including 7 minutes of sex action.

Movie Sex WSM – Stream 5 Picnic Fun, which is movie XXX032, runs 21 minutes.



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Ernest Hemingway was supposed to have won a bet by telling a story in six words.

He wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” (rather sad!)

Many people complain that I write too much, but surely you need the facts?

So if I had to write this week’s new movie in six words, it would read:

“Final shoot, Mike’s studio, saucy paint!”

Intriguing, but frankly it tells you nothing!

When was it?

Why was it the last shoot?

Who was the model?

What Slapstick materials were used?

Conclusion – being brief is just not informative!



A brand new Download HD Movie plus Image set


Dee in Saucy Paint Play

Run-time 23 mins 26 secs


2 HD Streams

plus 2 HD Sample Clips


So let us enlarge on those unanswered questions:

This movie WSM226 was shot on 15th March 2016.

Yes, it has taken over 6 years to get this published.

The studio was sold at the end of March 2016.

When did shooting first begin there?

A couple of real gems were shot in October 2002 being:

XXX014 Sue’s first messy sex with Professor Treacle

XXX016 Sandie the maid is Sploshed by Professor Treacle

The model for this final shoot was Dee.

The Phantom helped to paint Dee.

We had two cameras at two different viewpoints.

Paint materials were used plus Tomato Ketchup.

Normally two lights were used, but one had failed and this shoot suffers from poor lighting.

Hence the delay in publication and the low pricing.


Stream 1 runs 11 mins 48 secs

This is a shoot about sauce and paint.

The Phantom is the sauce and paint squirter!

Dee shows off her pink little dress, white knickers, glitzy stockings and glam heels.

The action starts with green squirted paint.

And we do have two cameras to capture the action.

We see the results of the initial green paint spraying in CLIP 1.

Dee sits on the floor to receive more green paint.

After 5 mins we change to Tomato Ketchup as the action turns messier.

After 6 mins blue paint is introduced.

Dee is really starting to look messy now.

More Ketchup arrives at 07-33 as Dee starts to rub-in the combined colours.

But at 07-55 we switch back to the green paint.

At 08-22 it is time to get that hair messy with green paint.

So if you like messy…….then this is a great movie!

Dee sits down at 9 mins very messed up!

Some blue paint is added to her hair.

More green paint is introduced as Dee revels in her messiness and sleeks it over her outfit and stockings.

As if her hair is not messed up enough, then Tomato Ketchup is added starting at 10-10.

But Dee enjoys the messies and accepts it all with good grace.

She lies on the floor writhing in the mess as Tomato Ketchup continues to rain down.


Stream 2 runs 11 mins 38 secs

A very messy Dee commences with some floor leg exercises.

As she lies on the floor more mess soon descends.

It is Ketchup which she smears over her legs.

Sitting on the floor the green paint again rains down on her head.

Dee enjoys the messy floor play despite being totally paint covered.

And yet more green paint is applied over her head at 02-32.

At 3 mins she removes her dress.

She writhes about the floor until more Ketchup starts to cover her body as she lies prone on her back.

But Dee is never still and off she goes again taking more ketchup on her back and head at 04-55.

Then she has a quick face dip into the messy floor at 5-00.

Next is a remarkable messy hair sequence.

She lies back and her blue eyes sparkle – see CLIP 2


The messy floor play continues and yet more Ketchup pours down at 07-03.

At 07-25 she removes her knickers for some uninhibited messy play, as green paint now appears.

Then it is back to messy floor play sleeking the paint and sauce over her body.

Just when we wonder what next, then at 10 mins a can of Green Glitter Shaker is introduced.

And so the glitter descends on Dee adding variation to this messy shoot.

Wow!  That certainly was full-on messiness and Dee shows herself again as a terrific WSM girl.


MOVIE WSM226  has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 26 secs.


IMAGE SET S417 has 143 shots

We show you 6 sample images from this set.

This set starts with posed shots and looks well under control.

Then zing!  No more 35mm shots.

So we took some video grabs from the action.

Not often you see such very messy saucy paint action.




£5-40  GBP

$8-00 USD

Euro 6.50


To Purchase go to https://wsmprod.com then Downloads – Online Store, then ‘WSM Movies & Images’ and find movie WSM226 at the top of the listing under

‘Dee in Saucy Paint Play’









What is Vintage Movie 9 ‘Sex WSM’ all about?

It is not a series of WAM events but a full story about Shakina’s dreams.

This week we review the alternative XXX movie 5th Stream featuring Picnic play.



STREAM 5            21 mins 18 secs

We commence as Shakina consults her doctor telling him that her fetish has worsened.
Eventually, he reckons he has identified her problem as a classic case of the human form of WSM.
And his remedy?
‘Get your husband to join in your fetish as it will bring you both together’ (good advice!).
‘So take him on a romantic picnic to get him used to food and sex!’Next, we see Bob opening the car boot which is full of foodstuffs.
‘All this for a picnic’ says Bob. ‘Are you sure?’
Shakina assures Bob that they need it.
The initial outdoor shot in the meadow, with all the foodstuffs laid out, is breathtaking.
Bob fails to understand what is happening and lies back in contentment (and we see sexual flashbacks of his thoughts).
But Shakina has other ideas!
A cake to Bob’s face quickly wises him up to the situation.
He merely thinks that Shakina wishes to play silly games.
The fun really kicks off as Bob presses a cake into Shakina’s pretty face.
A superb tit for tat food fracas follows.
Once the soup goes over Shakina’s exquisite bum, we know we are in for a wonderful sploshing feast.
We then have some glorious Slapstick with both getting entirely messy – SEE CLIP.
Eventually Shakina becomes topless.
After the frantic Slapstick session, they relax.
Shakina tells Bob that she is going to fuck him senseless in our car, knowing full well how much that will wind up Bob!
Bob reacts as she expects by telling her off – ‘No, they will not do it in his car – you are going to do it right here!’
Bob strips Shakina of her panties while she removes his rampant cock from his underpants.
She takes him in hand before sucking him as the egg shell slides down and off her totally sploshed up hair!
Covering her with custard and raspberry topping syrup, Bob prepares her.
He covers her pretty face with custard before adding chocolate syrup to his cock, which he slides into her willing mouth to face fuck her messy face.
Lifting her leg, Bob enters her and lustily fucks the custard coated Shakina.
Then Shakina rides him for another good sloppy noisy shagging, urging Bob to gunge her further!
Lying on her back the action continues with Bob servicing her and adding more slop.
Bob pounds her again and there are great shots as he athletically fucks her ‘custard hole’, before cumming over her mouth and very messy face.
With over 7 minutes of continual sex play, this movie delivers a sexual slapstick feast!We end with Shakina on the phone to her doctor.
She complains that after all her efforts, ‘She just did not get turned on.
Bob enjoyed it, but she missed out on having an orgasm.
Why? What went wrong?’
Time to send for Professor Treacle!We have some supreme couple play plus fabulous slapstick sex scenes in this Stream.
Good slapstick filming is difficult to achieve. I believe we did it!
It is all about timing, correct delivery of lines, not over-reacting or rushing things, getting suitable expressions, the right foodstuffs and quantities, good photography and appropriate musical accompaniment.This is the alternate XXX  movie of Stream 5.

To purchase go to https://www.wsmprod.com then ‘Downloads – Online Store’, then ‘XXX Section’ and find VINTAGE FILM 9 ‘Sex WSM’, STREAM 5 featuring the XXX picnic.



Image Set S075

This scene features a glorious outdoor picnic, shot on a fine summers day 30th July 1999 near Lydney, which is on the west bank of the UK’s longest river, the River Severn.

No of Images


£7.00 / €9.20 / $11.20
  • £7.00

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From January 2022 WSM will no longer update weekly but fortnightly.


21st May With the better weather we see CC having a dinner date on the patio. And it becomes another fine mess!  New Movie XXX093 plus image set S491XXX.

  Another movie is added to our Subscription site as:

 Dee undertakes another product test.  This is chocolate spread with white swirls “Swirl”.

 She enjoys getting messy going from clothed to nude in 20 minute movie WSM222 plus 150 shots in image set S414.


4th June New Movie WSM245 with Dee in a cream dress in the river plus black tights (no knickers) and black heels.  Plus image set W398.

 We pay Tribute to 11 years of Association between WSM and Custard Couple (CC).


16th June Another new movie with Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) in Mud Slut 16 ‘Muddy Swamp’ movie CC128 plus image set M239.


 Still on the horizon we have Mrs. CC pushing the boundaries getting messy in a manure dump


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