26th March 2022

WHAT’S NEW as at 26th March 2022

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Next up we will post ‘Betty and Kimyl in Kimyl’s revenge,’ as our two youngest models ratchet up their fierce desires to Splosh each other.




Two items this week:

  1. New HD movie WSM241 has Dee in her final play in the blackest, sludgiest mud.

Dressed in a summer dress with white knickers and hold-ups, Dee does end up delightfully muddied in this 21 minute movie.

Add on 205 images in set M232 and the 35mm shots are just terrific!


  1. We have been following the WAM dreams of Shakina in our movie ‘Sex WSM’.

How many great outdoor mud shoots do you see with a couple?

Well this is one of the best!

Movie ‘Sex WSM – Stream 4’ Mud runs 17 minutes.



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Sadly all good things come to an end.

This is the final shoot in the silty, peaty, oily mud for Dee (the blackest mud you will see!)

We missed out on another two years as the farmer dug-out the slow moving stream.

Dee shot a total of 5 movies at this location and every outcome was different.

In July 2013 we had WSM169 in blue top and denim skirt plus image set M206

In Sept 2014 movie WSM203 featured a yellow dance suit plus image set M220

In Sept 2015 movie WSM209 had Dee in goalie fitness practice plus image set M226

In May 2016 movie WSM229 featured Dee as a muddy English lady plus image set M229

Now we have NEW movie WSM241 with Dee in a summer dress plus NEW image set M232.

And do not forget Dee’s first image set M201 in May 2013 when a new movie camera failed.

And did any other model take on the thick mud challenge?

Why yes……there were two!

In June 2013 we have Jade in movie WSM162 plus image sets M202 & M203.

Also Jade returned for movie WSM175 in Sept 2013 plus image sets M208 & M209.

And finally we have Kimyl in movie WSM193 shot July 2014 plus image set M218.

All the above movies are HD and ALL except the new movie below can be found on our Subscription site which is split between Movies and Images.

So 8 muddy HD movies plus 9 image sets were shot at this location.



A brand new HD Movie plus Image set


‘Dee in summer dress in the silty, peaty, oily mud for the final time’

Run-time 20 mins 47 secs


2 HD Sample Clips plus 2 HD Streams in mp4


Stream 1 runs 9 mins 48 secs

On a beautiful summers day we see Dee showing off her outfit with her summer dress, white knickers, and white hold-up stockings.

When you arrive at a location you never know what to expect.

The muddy stream appeared just perfect.

But in reality the mud had settled and firmed and there was now more water on top and the stream was flowing quicker!

So something unexpected had happened!

Dee’s dress and clothes got thoroughly muddy, but the mud did not cling to the skin.

If you like muddy dresses, knickers and stockings then this is near perfection!

So although Dee says “It is very muddy” as she starts to paddle in the stream, the deeper layer of water on the compressed mud forbids mixing it easily to a sludgy mess!

Not that this should prevent our fun and enjoyment.

To commence we see the muddy element reaching barely mid-calf on Dee’s legs.

She takes a further plod around to mix-up the mud and then she sits in the stream.

The wet mud clings to her skirt and stockings.

Back in the stream “For some more muddy fun!” says Dee.

Dee plods about trying to mix-up the mud, but there is only one sure way to get properly muddy and that is to pick up the mud and smear it on the dress and body.

Next, she lies back to smear the back of her dress.

Leaning backwards, she dips her hair.

When she lifts her skirt we see muddy knickers, dress and stockings but still clean flesh!

Dee lies full length in the stream, kneels up and spreads some black mud over her top.

Her dress looks very black, very clingy and very wet!

Dee continues to daub the upper part of her dress.

She exits the stream and shows us the results – see CLIP 1.


Now this is muddy fun as Dee parades about.


Stream 2 runs 10 mins 59 secs

Dee commences by dunking her face and arms.

Then a classic wet hair swish as she kneels in the stream.

She tosses muddy water over her head.

The watery mud is not deep enough to dive into so she swishes her hair in and out of the black water.

She jumps back into the stream and daubs her face with the mud.

But dipping her hair and face makes little muddy impact.

This is all brave play in the great outdoors!

Dee walks along the bank to show off her clinging muddy dress.

She plays in the mud churned stream getting muddier and muddier.

She lies back to dip her hair and we see the thick mud surrounding her.

She is now (after almost 6 minutes) looking splendidly muddy.

Dee removes her dress with over 4 minutes remaining.

Then it is fast action to get muddy.

And the easiest way is to smear the mud.

She crawls down the muddy stream – see CLIP 2.


Then she daubs more mud on her body.

With 70 seconds left she removes her knickers for some final muddy play.

We end with her kneeling up to wave us goodbye.


Image set M232 with 205 shots gives excellent detail to this shoot.

This set only contains 35mm shots.

There is plenty of variety and most people will find some shot(s) that appeal.

But now the location has gone!

Each muddy shoot we did at this place had its own dimension, meaning each is different.

I have very pleasing memories.

It will now take two years before this shoot is moved to our Subscription site.

We show you 6 sample shots from image set M232.



MOVIE WSM241 has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 47 secs and is only available as a Download.


IMAGE SET M232 has 201 shots



£8-10  GBP

$10-90 USD

Euro 9-30


To Purchase go to https://wsmprod.com then Downloads – Online Store, then ‘WSM Movies & Images’ and find movie WSM241 at the top of the listing under

‘Dee in summer dress in the silty, peaty, oily mud for the final time’







What is Vintage Movie 9 ‘Sex WSM’ all about?

It is not a series of WAM events but a full story about Shakina’s dreams.

This week we review the 4th Stream featuring Muddy play.


STREAM 4            16 mins 57 secs

This scene features outdoor mud fun and was shot on the banks of the River Severn 30th July 1999.

Bob phones to take Shakina out to celebrate a major business success.
We see them driving in a rural setting before the car runs out of petrol!
Shakina is pleased that they will get time to spend together.
Bob says the nearest garage is 5 miles across all that b—-y mud!
He is enraged by his negligence and the task facing him to get some petrol.
Shakina begs to go with him.
Bob says ‘But you will get filthy!’
Shakina anticipating a great muddy experience says ‘You’d better believe it!’
So the two suits trudge off, Bob in his office suit and Shakina in a skirt suit.
They clamber down a riverbank to cross the mudflat.
Shakina looks very fetching as she hoists her skirt to show stockings and suspenders.
They struggle across the mud flat before Shakina decides she has to sit down!
She pulls Bob to her and is delighted with their muddy predicament!
Both our superstars enjoy a frisky frolicking in the mud as Shakina eggs Bob on.
She thinks it is great, but Bob realizing what is happening exclaims ‘Another fine mess you got me into!’
This is classic couple mud games!
The sound is great as every sploosh and splat is captured!
Shakina removes her long jacket, telling Bob ‘You’re going to get some now! You are messing with the wrong woman!’
Then Bob removes his jacket and tie.
Shakina gets progressively muddier and invites Bob to ‘Rub some in me…..it will be a bit more sensual!’ Bob enjoys his task. SEE FREE CLIP (to see how they are getting on!)
Shakina invites Bob to slap it on her pussy! Bob removes her skirt and shoes.
He spreads the mud over her legs, thighs, pussy and stomach before removing her top.
Bob continues to cover her with mud. Shakina asks him to remove her bra.
She then rubs her tits into the mud totally enjoying this messy play!
Then they wrestle together in the gloopey deep mud.
Bob decides to push Shakina from a standing position, telling her that she must fall face down in the mud! Shakina does it willingly to become totally mud covered!

Eventually, coming to from her daydream, Bob flags down a van to get a lift for the fuel. A frustrated Shakina expresses her feelings with a cynical ‘Bloody marvelous!’
Rather than split this into two scenes, it is run as a single 17 minute scene with a corresponding price adjustment.



Download Clips


Sample Clip 1
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From January 2022 WSM will no longer update weekly but fortnightly.


09th April Another new movie as we see Custard Couple (CC) at play in their garden as the Easter Bunny is Sploshed and Fucked in movie XXX097.

 Plus supporting image set S452XXX.


23rd April Mrs. CC has wet clothed play in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi in movie XXX089 titled ‘Wet White Linen’. Going indoors Mrs. CC has her white linen trousers torn apart by a very frisky Mr. CC. – plus image set W439XXX.

 Another movie is added to our Subscription site which is:

 CC155 has Mrs. CC in Mud Slut 14 when she destroys a designer leather skirt in the mud – runs 12 mins.

 Image set M247 has 78 shots as the posh leather skirt gets mud destroyed.


07th May Movie WSM226 with Dee in saucy paint play plus the phantom and image set S417.


Still on the horizon we have Mrs. CC pushing the boundaries getting messy in a manure dump!

Publication due later this year after our artistic differences were resolved.


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