27th August 2022

WHAT’S NEW as at 27th August 2022

OUR NAME CHANGED to www.wsmprod.com in February 2017

Now in our 41st Year of continuous WAM Production

We are the oldest WAM business in the world!


WSM are now updating fortnightly.

We have changed our update day to a Saturday.


Have you seen our forward programme of NEW MOVIES plus ADDITIONS TO OUR WEBSITE until 30th December 2022?

Do take a look in our FUTURE PROGRAMME listing at the end of this update.

Anything you fancy?…………then make a note in your diary.

Today we publish Custard Couple’s 199th Movie.

On 24th September we will publish Custard Couple’s 200th Movie.

What are they?

Look below.


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We also have a UMD STORE and transfer MOVIES and IMAGE sets.

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This weekend we will post 47 minute movie XXX007 as Mrs. CC is sploshed and humiliated in her garden summerhouse.

Be warned this is extreme sploshing!




Three items this week:

  1. New HD movie XXX095 titled ‘Cross-Dress 2’ is CC’s 199th movie published by WSM.

This runs 36 mins with Mr. CC as the man in the dress.

Or to be more exact a red dress, wig, fishnet stockings, black bra, black suspenders and black knickers.

Invited to a Cross-Dress party, Mrs. CC goes as her own bewitching sexy self.

Mr.CC joins with the cross-dressed host as he and the host mutually satisfy each other!

Aaarrrhhh the power of suggestion!

Then Mr. CC sploshes up his sexy wife (not in cross-dress) before she messes him up and gives him his sexual release.

There is also image set S451XXX with 108 shots.


  1.  Today we add a further movie and image set to the WSM Subscription site as ‘Mrs. CC goes Fishing in the River’.

Shot as a joint production choose either Custard Couple (CC) movie WSM197 (WSM number) or CC75 (CC movie number) on our Subscription Movies.

This movie is different as it runs 15 minutes and shot in a single downloadable stream.

This is an amusing action movie with no nudity and non-stop chat from Mrs. CC.

If the essence of Wetlook is to get wet……then here we have it!

After two years as a Download, this movie and image set W358 with 163 shots are now added to the WSM Subscription site.


  1. Between the years 1985 and 2000 WSM produced 9 Vintage Films.

Film numbers 1 to 8 had to follow a strict movie timescale which our film editor determined as 60 minutes.  So many great scenes were unduly shortened.

However, by the time we reached Vintage Film 9, times had changed and so did we.

Vintage Film 9 runs 116 mins 16 secs over 7 Streams.

And there is even an Alternate version made with XXX scenes!

But what is Vintage Movie 9 ‘Sex WSM’ all about?

It is not a series of WAM events but a full story about Shakina’s dreams.

This week we review the 6th Stream of the Alternate XXX version.

Matters start to reach a blistering Slapstick finale in movie XXX033.

Can Professor Treacle really transform the sex lives of Shakina and Bob with a Slapstick demonstration?


SEE ALSO OUR DOWNLOADS – ONLINE STORE on Home Page-no membership required.

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PLUS 143 New ‘WSM Movies & Images’ with 80% available on the Subscription site.

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and XXX section with 94 MOVIES with Images, only available as Downloads.




New HD movie XXX095 titled ‘Cross-Dress 2’ is CC’s 199th movie published by WSM.

This runs 36 mins with Mr. CC as the man in the dress.

Or to be more exact a red dress, wig, fishnet stockings, black bra, black suspenders and black knickers.

Invited to a Cross-Dress party, Mrs. CC goes as her own bewitching sexy self.

Mr.CC joins with the cross-dressed host as he and the host mutually satisfy each other!

Aaarrrhhh the power of suggestion!

Then Mr. CC sploshes up his sexy wife (not in cross-dress) before she messes him up and gives him his sexual release.

There is also image set S451XXX with 108 shots.




HD Movie plus Image set


‘Custard Couple in Cross-Dress 2’

Run-time 36 mins 35 secs


3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format


This movie brought to mind the 1970’s play ‘Abigail’s Party,’

Originally this movie was titled ‘Cyril’s Cross Dress Party’.

And the similarity?

The hosts mentioned in the title do not appear!

But the dialogue is jaunty and explicit and inference and suggestion abound!

But having said that, at 36 minutes there is still plenty of action between Custard Couple (CC).


A summary of the action is:

Introduction as CC arrive together for cross-dress fun.

They go into one of the fetish rooms.

Start to play with the foodstuffs.

Host Cyril arrives in cross-dress.

Mr. CC departs to ‘play’ with his host.

Mrs. CC is excited by the view and messing herself with custard frigs herself.

There is a cross-talk of dirty comments between Custard Couple before they both cum (but not together).

Mr. CC returns to Mrs. CC who messes him up.

Mr. CC removes his dress and clad in bra, suspender belt and fishnet stockings gives his wife the shagging she craves!


Stream 1 runs 12 mins 15 secs

CC are invited to Cyril’s Cross-Dress party.

We see them arrive with Mr. CC in cross-dress while Mrs. CC looks stunning in a very tight red dress with black net insert top – see CLIP 1.


They go into one of the fetish rooms and Mrs. CC is impressed as they find a tasty range of foodstuffs.

Mrs. CC dips a finger in the cream then rubs it over her dress.

CC start to play their messy games and soon the custard flows down her red dress!

Party host Cyril enters the room.

Mrs. CC apologizes for starting to get messy, but she compliments Cyril on his outfit.

CC decide to make it up to Cyril as Mr. CC is going to suck his cock!

But this is all the power of suggestion as Mr. CC leaves the picture at 8 mins 18secs.

We then have verbal banter between Mr. and Mrs. CC as he services Cyril.

Mrs. CC is turned on and lowers her knickers to pour custard over her shaved pubes as she now monopolizes the movie!

Custard flows freely down her outfit.

She continues to comment on Mr. CC with Cyril.

She becomes so excited that she uses both hands to frig herself using the custard as lubrication!


Stream 2 runs 8 mins 57 secs

This Stream is devoted to Mrs. CC’s solo messing-up.

She sits on the table for pussy play using her good friend ‘custard’.

She continues to comment on the play between her husband and Cyril and Mr. CC responds.

Cake is introduced and Mrs. CC is soon very messy.

Custard is poured down her arse.

The naughty banter continues between her and Mr. CC.

More custard is poured over Mrs. CC as she frigs away at her clit.

Cross-talk between Mr. and Mrs stimulates them both.

Mr. CC cums closely followed by his horny wife.

CC agree with Cyril to remain in this playroom.

Mrs. CC continues to mess herself up – see CLIP 2.


The Stream ends as Cyril leaves the room.


Stream 3 runs 15 mins 23 secs

Mr. CC returns to Mrs. CC.

She messes up his dress as he is far too clean!

Lifting the dress she messes his panties and fishnet stockings– see CLIP 3.


Mrs. CC gets him to lie on the table so she can mess him more.

She lies against him then soon is adding cream to his cock before sucking and wanking him!

Raspberry dessert is applied over his cock and balls.

She pulls him from the table so he can remove her dress.

Mr.CC delights in rubbing Chocolate dessert over her boobs.

Mrs.CC lies on the table as Mr.CC removes her knickers.

Mr. CC removes his dress before entering her pussy!

Next he gives it to her up the arse.

Mrs. CC kneels on the table as Mr. CC now clad in bra, garter belt and fishnet stockings, takes her doggie style while spreading custard down her back.

Penetration views are poor despite the reality of the action.

There are some better views on the doggie fucking before Mr. CC explodes!

Mrs. CC sits against the wall while Mr. CC messes her up further.

She rubs his cock in the cream.

With her sitting against the wall open legged, Mr. CC takes the opportunity to lick her pussy!

His tonguing stimulates her!

Finally, they lie and sit on the table very messed up and well spent!


In image set S451XXX there are 108 shots.

WSM are changing their approach to the images which are very time consuming.

Nobody seems to appreciate them!

Normally the missing blanks would be filled in…….but not now!

The captured shots include an additional 12 solo shots of Mrs. CC at the end of the shoot.

These do not figure in the video.

We show you 5 sample shots from image set S451XXX.



MOVIE XXX095  has 3 HD quality Streams running 36 mins 35 secs.



£8-60  GBP

$11-60 USD

Euro 9-90


To Purchase movie XXX095 go to https://wsmprod.com then Downloads – Online Store, then  ‘XXX Section’ and find the movie titled

‘Custard Couple in Cross-Dress 2’.

For reference CC in movie Cross-Dress 1 is movie XXX006.




Now added to the WSM Subscription site Custard Couple (CC) movie WSM197 (WSM number) or CC75 (CC movie number) was shot as a joint production.

This movie is different running 15 minutes and shot in a single downloadable stream.

This is an amusing action movie with no nudity and non-stop chat from Mrs. CC.

If the essence of Wetlook is to get wet……then here we have it!

If only Mrs. CC had gone braless there would be strong comparisons with Sophia Loren in ‘Boy on a Dolphin’!



HD Movie plus Image set


‘Mrs. CC goes Fishing’

Run-time 14 mins 45 secs


1 HD Stream plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format


Mrs. CC has brought Mr. CC to a river where she believes she will catch a big fish.

Mr. CC gives her a big put-down saying the river is too shallow and her fishing rod “Absolutely pathetic.  You are not going to catch anything with that!” he says.

Of course Mrs. CC disagrees and is confident she will fish well.

Mr. CC went off for a snooze leaving his hopeful wife on the river bank.

She casts her line and lies back to await a bite.

Suddenly the line twitches and Mrs. CC is shocked to see her monster catch! – see CLIP 1.

There follows an eight minute scene as Mrs. CC attempts to land her massive fish.

She fights, struggles, wrestles and calls Mr. CC to assist her capture the enormous fish.

This is a remarkable scene as it is not easy to replicate such a struggle with an inanimate object!

Judge for yourself as we see how she fares – see CLIP 2.

Of course Mrs. CC ends up as we all hope, totally wet through and soaked from head to toe!

This is great wet river fun!

Eventually, Mrs. CC lands her catch.

An excited Mrs. CC arouses her sleepy husband.

Mrs. CC boasts of her catch.

He is very sceptical but amazed at her drenched appearance.

Mrs. CC responds saying “If you see the size of the fish I have caught, you will be in no doubt why I am so wet!”

Mr. CC thinks that she has merely gone swimming.

Seeing the fish, Mr. CC is duly impressed.

“That’s incredible Mrs. CC”, he says.  “I’m in awe…..that is fantastic!”

The fish is as big as Mr. CC.

“You missed all the fun”, says Mrs. CC.

Yes, he did……but we did not!!


In addition there are 163 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s fishing fun.

For a change, no nudity here but Mrs. CC excels in her wet endeavours to land that fish!

Plenty of Wetlook action here.

But sadly, image set W358 reveals just why this movie is so short!

Actually, it was meant to be a 3 part movie!

Because after catching the fish, Mr. and Mrs. CC both go into the river for some further Wet play.

And they cross the river for some XXX play on a grassy knoll.

But remarkably my movie editor failed to pick up on parts 2 and 3 so the original footage was lost!

What a shame!

But we did shoot the 35mm images so have added a further 28 shots to the original fishing image set.

We show you 5 sample shots taken from the fishing set.



MOVIE WSM197 or CC75  has a single HD Stream running 14 mins 45 secs.


IMAGE SET W358 has 163 shots (see above).



£6-20  GBP

$8-40 USD

Euro 7.10


To Purchase movie WSM197-CC75 go to the Home page at  www.wsmprod.com then ‘Downloads – Online Store’ section, then ‘WSM Movies & Images’ and find “Mrs. CC goes Fishing.”





But this is only one movie and one image set from our Subscription section which has 353 Movies and 538 Image sets all available just for the price of a subscription!

How much?





Run-time 11 mins 27 secs



WMV Sample Clip – not explicit


Shot on 3rd September 1999 in Southport, this stream features two couples at slapstick play for which two separate cameras were used.

We had left Shakina speaking to her doctor. She queries seeing a further specialist. But her mood changes when she learns that he has not failed to find a cure before.
Shakina is overjoyed and declares that he can cure both her and Bob.

Next, we are at Professor Treacle’s consulting room with his very disorganized desk.
The Prof is practicing his sexual prowess on his secretary Sue as he fondles and kisses her boobs. They are interrupted by the phone. Shakina and Bob have arrived.
Shakina identifies her problem as food related.
The Prof explains that when you use foodstuffs for sexual enjoyment, you are supposed to be having a gentle, loving and erotic experience, and not treating it like a slapstick movie!
The Prof believes a practical demonstration in his consulting room is probably the answer to the problem.
The Prof gets Shakina to stand and starts to demo the food smearing/caressing technique.
Bob is taken aback and accuses the Prof of making a strange excuse to molest his wife!
The Prof apologises as he was only responding to Bob’s wife’s needs!
He can just as easily demo on his secretary.
So the Prof gives a dry run demo on Sue.
Shakina says she cannot really imagine what it would be like for her and asks if the Prof has any real foodstuffs?
Bob agrees that such a foodstuff demo would be very useful.
Sue, the Prof’s secretary, has been through all this before.
‘Oh well! Another outfit and hair style ruined’, she says, removing her hair clip to free her hair.
Shakina is excited, but Bob reckons it will be a complete waste of time and money.
But Shakina gets Bob to agree to join in.
The Prof assures them they will have ‘the experience of a lifetime!’

So after 5 mins 51 secs we are in the food demo area used for having sex and food together. There is a huge selection of foodstuffs laid out.
The Prof commences with his secretary Sue using rice pudding.
Then it is Bob’s turn to imitate the Prof’s technique on his wife Shakina.
The Prof demos other applications for the bowls of rice pudding.
Bob is now taking a keen interest. He removes his jacket and tells Shakina she is ‘going to get it now!’
Shakina is most pleased at Bob’s response.
Bob follows the Prof’s lead.
Next, they use jam to add colour and a different texture.
Shakina encourages Bob on.
We switch from one couple to the next as the girls become messier by the minute.
The Prof remonstrates with Bob who is not following his lead.
He rips open Shakina’s blouse to allow Bob easy access.
Sue suggests the Prof tries treacle…….his namesake!
The treacle is very runny and messes up Sue causing Bob and Shakina to laugh out loud!
Bob pours the treacle over Shakina who enjoys the experience.
The Prof next demos custard…..on Sue’s legs and feet!
Bob follows suit with Shakina.

Part 2 of this scene and all the XXX content follows in the final Stream 7.
Who has yet to be sploshed?
It is rather obvious, but see it revealed next Stream.
Is Shakina cured?
Find out in the final Stream 7.

If you like the look of the Prof’s MILF secretary SUE, then see her in full XXX action with the Prof in 43 MINUTE movie ‘WSMXXX014 Sue’s first messy Sex’ in the XXX downloads section.
Some of the best Slapstick sex with a MILF you will ever see!


£7.00 / €9.20 / $11.20

  • £7.00

To purchase this movie we recommend you go to Home Page, then Downloads – Online Store, then Digital Download – VINTAGE FILMS, then Stream 6 SEX WSM

Not only cheaper but longer than XXX version!

How do these things happen?




We continue to take SUBSCRIPTION payments in £ Sterling, US dollars and Euros, for membership of the WSM Website.

The Subscription site does not include access to new movie/images Downloads in the Online Store, which we have added during the previous two years, or any XXX movies.

Movies and Image sets added to the WSM Online Store under ‘WSM Movies & Images’ are added also to the Subscription site, 2 years after being posted as a Download. 

Look at the JOIN NOW page to see our great value for 30 day, 3 month and 6 monthly Subscriptions as for a Subscription you can access:

353 Movies averaging 29 minutes each, including 18 Messy Wrestling Movies and 115 Custard Couple Movies, (which include 33 joint productions with WSM),

15 vintage movies and 205 normal WSM movies (excluding 33 duplicated joint production movies with Custard Couple).

Okay, one movie missing from Custard Couple – it is CC148 which should have been added October 2021.  We are working to add it.

Also under Subscription Movies – Wet, Slapstick and Messy movie WSM165 has been reported as faulty and will now be fixed.

PLUS 60,451 Images in 538 sets (being 190 W + 249 S + 99 M).

But if you want to see all these Movies and Image sets, then you need to take a Subscription to become a Member.

Click here to see the amazing value Join costs!




From January 2022 WSM no longer update weekly but fortnightly.


10th Sept Dee is gunged with Slube (red gunge) in new movie WSM250 plus image set S439.

 After 2 years as a Download, the remarkable movie WSM263-CC157 has Honour May and Mrs. CC having messy fun with Angel Delight. Plus 140 images in set S464.

 These are added to our Subscription site.


24th Sept Finally, we publish the 200th movie from Custard Couple (CC).

This is XXX100 titled ‘Classy to Slutty’ as after a wedding, our naughty duo cannot wait to get wet and messy then have sex.  Plus image set S485XXX.

  Another movie gets added to our Subscription site after 2 years as a Download.

This is movie WSM224 as Dee requests ‘Splosh Me’, plus image set S416 with 130 shots.


8th Oct  New movie WSM254 as Dee is a Chocolate Lady plus image set S443.

After 2 years since being posted as a XXX movie, we look again at XXX092 Pissy Quickies 4 with 5 scenes, plus their image sets.


22nd Oct A spooky time of year as we see new movie XXX076 with CC as Count Dracula and his Bride, plus image set S489XXX.

 Yet another movie is added to our Subscription site after 2 years as a Download – movie WSM232-CC114 as Mrs. CC prefers the river to tennis, plus 257 images in set W390.


5th Nov  New movie WSM256 has mature Dee soaked in a purple dress plus image set W407.

After 2 years as a Download movie WSM240-CC125 has Mrs. CC as Alice in WSM land with Wet, Slapstick and Muddy scenes all outdoors plus their images.  This movie and the images are now added to our Subscription site.


12th Nov New movie XXX082 ‘Pissy Quickies 3’ will feature 10 different scenes and their image sets.

In a double XXX bill, we take a further look at movie XXX085, published two years ago, which featured Mrs. CC as Alice in WSM land with Wet, Slapstick and Muddy scenes all shot outdoors…….plus their image sets.


3rd Dec New movie CC164 features Mrs. CC as ‘Mud Slut 17 – Muddy in Leather’ shot outdoors in a large field……..plus image set M250.

 After 2 years as a Download, the delectable Honour May is drenched in two dresses. Plus 122 images in set W414. This movie and image set are now added to our Subs site.

 And 42 years of WSM!


17th Dec New movie WSM226 has mature brunette Dee having a Slapstick Audition.

 Plus image set S460.


31st Dec Definitely a Custard Couple movie!

  Under discussion at present.

  Will it finish off 2022 or introduce us to 2023?



11th Feb Final Dee muddy movie!

  Dee destroys cream dress in messiest mud play movie WSM246.

  Plus image set M234.

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