16th December 2016

WHAT’S NEW as at 16th December 2016

We are preparing for an updated Download release of ‘The 12 WSM Days of Xmas’ next week.
We look again at the previous release of this movie CC77 made in 2014 which runs 80 mins 44 secs and includes the Xmas Eve preparations for Santa then his arrival.

And does the Xmas fun end there?
No, as there is a XXX continuation in movie XXX027 running 31 mins available as a Download, plus image set S396XXX with 27 pics.

Plus we remind you of our Birthday offer (see Update of 3rd December) as Mrs. CC, dressed in her red Santa outfit, entertains us with 4 Xmas songs as she is food sploshed.
This special priced 15 minute HD movie Download CC134 plus 90 enhanced images in set S445 is in the Online Store as ‘Mrs. CC I wish it could be Xmas every day’.

Finally, as a further special seasonal update we see Santa’s Pixie Tonilou get wet in 28 minute movie WSM079 with 74 images in set W288.
The above movie CC77 ‘The 12 WSM Days of Xmas’ and Santa’s Pixie Tonilou movie WSM079 are available on our Subscription site of 239 movies plus 402 image sets.

We still take Subscriptions to our Website – Memberships extending for up to 6 months are available.

We also have a UMD STORE and transfer MOVIES and IMAGES weekly

SEE ALSO THE WSM ONLINE STORE (no membership required)
PLUS 50 New WSM Movies with Images, only available as Downloads
PLUS 16 Movies with Images transferred from the Subscription Website and now also available as Downloads.and XXX section with 49 MOVIES with Images, only available as Downloads



HD Movie CC77 runs 60 fantastic minutes as Custard Couple perform ‘The 12 WSM Days of Xmas’.
Add in the arrival of Santa on Xmas Eve and we have our longest ever movie at 80 minutes!
Next week this movie will be updated with new scenes for 5 of the 12 Days.
Then new HD movie CC137 will run 85 minutes just to cover Days 1 to 12 but it will become a Download.
But back to the 2014 movie CC77 available on the Subscription site.


How do you split the 12 Days of Xmas?
We cannot separate them into Slapstick and Wet, as the movie would not make sense.
This was a terrific idea from our amateur couple Custard Couple (CC) and you have to marvel at how they tackle the 12 Days with nothing (especially the weather) standing in their way!

Day 1 – A partridge in a Pear Tree – runs 2 mins 27 secs Outdoor
A very brief introduction with the emphasis on ‘pear’ or is that ‘pair’?
But do not mention the weather!
We show you one sample pic from image set W359 (which has 10 pics) as Mrs. CC gets juicy!
Note – new version available next week in revised movie CC137.


Day 2 – Two turtle doves – runs 2 mins 02 secs Outdoor
So what do you think Mrs. CC regards as her two turtle doves?
Plenty of cream sloshed about here.
We show you one sample pic from image set S387 (which has 14 pics) of a creamed Mrs. CC.


We show you the 1st movie Clip showing the start of Day 2 and what Mrs. CC regards as her two turtle doves!


Day 3 – Three French hens – runs 4 mins 02 secs Indoor
So what do hens produce…….eggs!
So we have 3 cakes!
If you like a lady in tights, then you will like this!
We show you one sample pic from image set S388 (which has 23 pics) as we see Mrs. CC in messy tights.


Day 4 – Four calling birds – runs 14 mins 36 secs Indoor
Well actually there is only one calling bird.
He does get to listen to Mrs. CC as she gets messy with strawberry angel delight.
As usual Mrs. CC delights in explaining her messy actions.
We show you one sample pic from image set S389 (which has 46 pics) as Mrs. CC displays her messy assets!



We also show you movie Clip 2 of Mrs. CC’s messy play.


Day 5 – Five golden rings – runs 4 mins 18 secs Indoor
How else to play with 5 golden rings – get the custard out!
Where do you hide those golden rings?
Aarrhh, you are all ahead of me.
Mrs. CC dips into the custard to find those rings.
And where does she put them?
The movie reveals all.
We show you one sample pic from image set S391 (which has 36 pics) showing where the custard ended.

We also show you movie Clip 3 as a follow-on to the sample pic, with Mrs. CC enjoying the mess.


Day 6 – Six geese aLaying – runs 4 mins 51 secs Outdoor
Mr. Scrooge had no trouble in finding a goose even on Christmas Day!
But now! Not very possible.
So 6 eggs will have to do.
This is quite a classic of when not to film!
Mrs. CC gamely cracks and spreads those eggs and adds a jugful of eggs.
The wind howls and roars doing its best to stop her.
Not only are CC the best WAM mature couple in the world, but they are also the most determined!
We show you one sample pic from image set S392 (which has 18 pics) as Mrs. CC lays into those eggs!
Note – new version available next week in revised movie CC137.




Day 7 – Seven swans a swimming – runs 10 mins 22 secs Indoor
Real swans were banned under Health and Safety so Mrs. CC makes do with a blow-up!
Mrs. CC gets in the bath fully clothed and gets fully wetted.
This does become quite raunchy.
We show you one sample pic from image set W360 (which has 27 pics) as Mrs. CC shows off her swan!
Note – new version available next week in revised movie CC137.




Day 8 – Eight maids a milking – runs 3 mins 44 secs Outdoor
A definite highlight as Mrs. CC uses 8 containers of milk.
Add in a real live audience of cows.
Add attention to detail (with her outfit) and her great enthusiasm.
Yes, ding-dong! This rang the bells for me!
We show you one sample pic from image set S393 (which has 41 pics) of a very milk soaked Mrs. CC.

We also show you movie Clip 4 as Mrs. CC starts her milking.


Day 9 – Nine ladies dancing – runs 1 mins 18 secs Outdoor
Dancing in a pebble strewn stream is not easy as Mrs. CC discovered in her long formal white dress.
Quite difficult, so quite brief.
We show you one sample pic from image set W361 (which has 11 pics) as Mrs. CC poses in the stream.
Note – new version available next week in revised movie CC137.




Day 10 – Ten lords a leaping – runs 2 mins 34 secs Outdoor
Although Mr. CC is saving himself for the Santa Finale, he has no option but to leap into that river!
Looking every bit a gentleman, he plays in the river with Mrs. CC before quite literally, he drops her in it!
We show you one sample pic from image set W362 (which has 26 pics) of CC together in the river.
Note – new version available next week in revised movie CC137.



Day 11 – Eleven pipers playing – runs 7 mins 02 secs Outdoor
CC once again use their imagination to create 11 pies flying!
Mr. CC relishes pasting his pretty wife with pies.
We show you Clip 5 from movie CC77 so you can see those pies flying!
Mrs. CC looks very tasty after being creamed – see the sample pic from image set S394 (which has 30 pics).




Day 12 – Twelve drummers drumming – runs 2 mins 53 secs Outdoor
What a racket 12 drummers would make!
So we have just one drummer – a very colourfully dressed Mrs. CC.
And Mr. CC adds some more colourful foodstuffs for this festive occasion.
We show you one sample pic from image set S395 (which has 23 pics) as Mrs. CC gets sploshed for her noisy efforts!

We show you the 6th movie Clip showing the start of Day 12 as the colourfully dressed Mrs. CC drums for you!


Christmas Eve – waiting for Santa/Santa arrives – runs 20 mins 35 secs
Mrs. CC is waiting for Santa to arrive.
She is dressed in white with a little red – her Angel outfit!
She tells us she wants to get really messy.
Santa arrives with his sackful of food and produces custard and chocolate spread (see 1st sample pic below).

Mrs. CC tempts Santa to take a break.
She messes up the white dress with chocolate as she is a naughty angel.
Santa returns and promises to make more of a mess of her, if that is her Christmas wish!
Santa starts with the custard.
Santa is really enjoying his lunch break – see Clip 7.



He enjoys smoothing the foodstuffs over her dress.
Next, very cold vanilla angel delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s knickers after she had obligingly lifted her long dress. (see 2nd sample pic below)

Santa pours the remainder down the back of her knickers, causing Mrs. CC to gasp.
Lifting her dress and bending Mrs. CC over, Santa produces a large chocolate gateau which he massages over her knickers and back.
A cream pie follows.
Pulling her dress down, Santa produces chocolate angel delight which he spreads over the dress front.
Then it is sticky treacle as golden syrup is poured over her boobs (which are licked by Santa) – (see 3rd sample pic below)

Mrs. CC says her dress is too long and heavy.
Santa has a solution and cuts the dress short.
Another cream pie goes over her bum and hair!
But Mrs. CC wants even more mess!
So pouring cream is doused over her head and back! (see 4th sample pic below)

Then more chocolate angel delight follows as Santa pours it over her head, face and boobs!
Still not satisfied, Santa produces more syrup, running it over her boobs and tummy so it runs into her welcoming knickers!
Finally, further vanilla angel delight is smeared over Mrs. CC’s back, knickers and legs and then her boobs.

What happens next is XXX which you can download from the Online Store as movie XXX027. And if you wish to see more of Mrs. CC’s messy encounter with Santa, then go to this movie as there are two further free non-explicit Clips (see below).
Our normal movie resumes, as a very messy Mrs. CC says her farewells to Bad Santa.
But he can come and visit her again next year! (Ho! Ho! Ho!)
Mrs. CC then says farewell to us all and gives us her Christmas greeting, wishing us all ‘A very merry, messy Christmas! (see 5th sample pic below)


Phew! After watching that movie I am sure we would all wish for such a messy Christmas!
What a fantastic 12 WSM Days of Christmas that was!!


XXX DOWNLOAD movie and images package set XXX
XXX movie ref XXX027 running 31 mins

Custard Couple in

‘Santa empties his sac(k)!’

Now in Online Store

Check the review here including 2 free Clips



We remind you again of a very special Xmas movie which we added to our Download Store on 3rd December, which was our 35th Birthday.

A NEW 15 minute HD movie CC134 with Mrs. CC dressed in her red and white Santa outfit, entertaining us with 4 Xmas dances.
Mrs. CC – I wish it could be Xmas every day’

Movie CC134
Run-time 15 mins 44 secs

2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

Slowly the Slapstick is introduced by Mrs. CC.
Just before the end of the 2nd song, a fusillade of foodstuffs splatters the very expectant Mrs. CC who thoroughly enjoys the experience.
This food cascade continues to the end of the movie.
Wow! This will definitely put a smile on your face!

What a way to get in the Xmas mood!
Fabulous Slapstick entertainment at a bargain price!
Get the Feel Good factor!




And does it end there with the movie?
Not when we include 90 Enhanced Images in image set S445.
Take a look at the two Clips above plus the following 5 sample images.



£3-50 GBP
$4-70 USD
Euro 4-20


To Purchase movie CC134 ‘Mrs. CC I wish it could be Xmas every day’ go to ‘WSM Movies & Images Section’ in the Online Store.





As it is the festive holiday time we have a special seasonal update as we feature TONILOU.
We shall let you all into a secret as TONILOU is really one of Santa’s Pixies!
Santa was so delighted to learn that he could please so many people in one photo session that he roared his convivial “Ho!Ho!Ho!”.
But having TONILOU with him all year, no wonder Santa is so full of good cheer!
We have a very wet Image set of TONILOU, as she dresses as one of Santa’s Pixies in set W288.
In this set of 74 Images her Pixie looks are very evident and beguiling.

We also re-visit 28 minute Movie WSM079 of our Pixie TONILOU in this wet set.
She is dressed in a red long sleeved dress, with red Pixie hat, red fabric ankle booties, red thong – all edged with white fur.
TONILOU gets rather wet and then strips off.
We show you 4 Clips of Pixie Tonilou from movie WSM079.
So forget the dark, the cold, the weather and enjoy Movie WSM079 plus Image set W288.









We continue to take SUBSCRIPTION payments in £ Sterling, US dollars and Euros, for membership of the WSM Website.
We do occasionally add Subscription updates as we did last week.
The Subscription Website does not include access to new movie/images Downloads in the Online Store, which we have been adding since April 2015.
Look at the JOIN NOW page to see our great value for 30 day, 3 month and 6 monthly Subscriptions as for a Subscription you can access:
239 Movies averaging 31 minutes each, including 18 Messy Wrestling Movies and 55 Custard Couple Movies, (which include 21 joint productions with WSM),11 vintage movies and 155 normal WSM movies.
PLUS 39,861 Images in 402 sets.
But if you want to see all these Movies and Image sets, then you need to take a Subscription to become a Member.
Click here to see Join costs!


We feel that Santa pressure as we count down the days to Christmas.
Only 7 days left to put together a brand new Custard Couple (CC) production of ‘The 12 WSM Days of Xmas’, movie CC137.
This will run 85 minutes making it our longest movie yet.
But it only covers the 12 Days of Xmas with Santa’s arrival and fun already released as a Download movie CC100 plus XXX movie XXX024 as Santa cums again!
All these movies will be available next week.



23rd Dec The revised 12 WSM Days of Xmas movie CC137 is published with new shoots for Days 1, 6, 7, 9 and 10.
Plus Santa makes his appearance in movie CC100 (first published last year) as Santa cums again!………not forgetting the XXX sequel in movie XXX024.

30th Dec Time for a rest and to catch up on some very necessary admin.
But we will be featuring 4 previously published movies, two from the Subscription site and two Downloads and hopefully a new Image set.

6th Jan A perfect time to see Mrs. CC’s vintage underwear in the sea – movie CC91 plus image set W374.

13th Jan The admin work continues with accounts and statistics and dare we hope an updated ‘About Us’ at long, long last!
Again, we will feature some previously published movies.
And did you see our our plans for WSM in 2017 which were revealed on our Birthday Update of 3rd December? If not go to the ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

20th Jan Outdoor Slapstick play with Custard Couple (CC) in ‘Bring on the Treacle’.
And do we mean the real black treacle? Oh yes!
Movie CC97 plus image set S407.

27th Jan It is anticipated that all January will be required to sort out the admin and figures. But we will be posting and there will be at least one new Image set.

3rd Feb ‘My Lady gets her cumuppance from my Lord’ (as snooty Mrs. CC gets it good) in CC 26 minute movie CC135 plus a 10 minute XXX ending as movie XXX060 and image sets S446 and S446XXX.

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