3rd December 2016 – WSM’s Birthday!

WHAT’S NEW as at 3rd December 2016

Today is WSM’s Birthday!
WSM celebrates 35 years of continuous trading
We are the oldest WAM business in the world!


When did WSM Productions commence?
It started under the name of WET SHOTS just selling slide sets.
John Swindail from Stoke-on-Trent and Mike Ellison entered into a partnership from 1st October 1981.
The first retail sale of £63.03 was banked 3rd December 1981 at Barclays Bank, 36 Town Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
And did the world embrace this new concept of slide images?
With sales of £6,170 to 30th September 1982, in a world without any internet……I would say they did!
So our birth date is 3rd December 1981.
By 1984 we had changed our name to WSM Productions.
And today sees 35 continuous years of trading for WSM Productions.

Our first movie started filming 18th August 1985.
The result was the first commercially produced WAM video.
This was ‘The Hopeful Starlet’which is still available in the ‘Online Store’ under Digital Download – Vintage Films (Vintage Film 1).
You wish to know how the WAM movie business commenced? Well here it is in our image sets and Digital Downloads!

WSM Productions has changed from April 2015 moving from a Subscription based website to a Download website.
Why did that happen?
Customers indicated their choice for Downloads rather than Subscriptions.
Crazy to me (Mike Ellison), but figures represent reality and the Subscription site did go into decline.
The change from Subscription to Downloads was followed by the sale of the business in November 2015.
Mike Ellison still writes this weekly column because he enjoys it and also needs to eliminate debt.
But in case you wonder what may happen should Mike Ellison be unable to continue, a writing successor has already been named to our principal.

We have just taken stock and have the following unpublished movies:
49 WSM
42 Custard Couple (CC) with many of these CC movies having XXX content.
So does that answer your question about our future?
And who else bothers to publish a forward program of 6 weeks?
But we are only as good as our customer orders.

WSM Productions has been preserved for posterity.
Being available is one thing.
Being in demand and receiving orders is quite another.

But today to celebrate our 35th Birthday, we salute our great associates Custard Couple (CC).
We offer you a special seasonal movie from Mrs. CC at a very special price to all our followers.




A NEW 15 minute HD movie CC134 with Mrs. CC dressed in her red Santa outfit, entertaining us with 4 Xmas dances.


‘Mrs. CC – I wish it could be Xmas every day’

Movie CC134
Run-time 15 mins 44 secs

2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

Slowly the Slapstick is introduced.
Just before the end of the 2nd song, a fusillade of foodstuffs splatters the very expectant Mrs. CC who thoroughly enjoys the experience.
This food cascade continues to the end of the movie.
Wow! This will definitely put a smile on your face!

What a way to get in the Xmas mood!
Fabulous Slapstick entertainment at a bargain price!
Get the Feel Good factor!


And does it end there with the movie?
Not when we include 90 Enhanced Images in image set S445.
Take a look at the two Clips above plus the following 5 sample images.

£3-50 GBP
$4-70 USD
Euro 4-20


To Purchase movie CC134 ‘Mrs. CC I wish it could be Xmas every day’ go to ‘WSM Movies & Images Section’ in the Online Store.




For members of our Subscription site, we today add two further image sets on our 35th Birthday.
How do you start to build a collection of WSM material when virtually nothing exists?
One way is to commission a shoot.
So it was in 1980 that a Wet then Muddy shoot was commissioned.
Life is a learning experience.
So why wait until now to show you our first commissioned Wet and Muddy image sets?
It is all about getting what you want!
I am afraid that these two sets were well wide of the mark.
It all leads to a realization that there was only one way out of this dilemma!
Do it yourself!!

So 35 years on, we can show you how it started to come about.
But seriously, would you have started a business featuring these two image sets?
So here are the two commissioned sets of Natasha.

1980 Image set W005 Natasha in lake has 36 images.
We show you 3 sample shots from this set.


1980 Image set M004 with Natasha muddy has 34 images.
We show you 3 sample shots from this set.

For all members of the Subscription site these sets are at no extra cost.

The above sets of Natasha are available on our Subscription site with 239 movies plus a further 400 image sets.

We still take Subscriptions to our Website – Memberships extending for up to 6 months are available.




Inevitably, WSM Productions is due to change again.
14th April 2017.
Why then?
Because it will be two years since Downloads were introduced.
It means that Downloads will then be added to the Subscription site 2 years after they were released.
Of course this excludes all XXX movies which will continue to be available solely as Downloads.
We are referring to the ‘WSM Movies & Images Section’ in the Online Store, which currently has 49 Download movies before this addition.
What happens if the Download for a certain week is either a XXX movie or none was published?
Then we will remedy the biggest deficiency on the WSM Productions website?
And this is that currently there are no movie descriptions on all Subscription site movies!

So commencing 14th April 2017 we will be adding the descriptions at a rate of 5 movie descriptions per week.
With 239 movies currently available on the Subscription site, it will take almost one year to get all the movie and image descriptions posted.

And the downside to all this?
Prices must inevitably rise from 14th April 2017.
So the smart move is to lock-in on current rates which are:
1 month £25 33 Euro
3 months £50 66 Euro
6 months £75 99 Euro
Your membership is automatically renewed until you cancel, but it is renewed at the price you have locked into.
Why are no US dollar Subscription rates shown?
Because with the mighty dollar the exchange rate against sterling has changed dramatically, so the dollar price will be reviewed next April and could even remain unchanged.
Presently, we are considering raising Subscriptions to a base price of £30 for one month.
But what a bargain! 239 movies and 402 image sets currently for a monthly Subscription!

The 4th December marks another significant 7th anniversary.
It was 4th December 2009 that I (Mike Ellison) started writing my weekly updates.
Why then?
Well as I had retired, I had time on my hands and being passionate about my subject, you all know what has happened since, and there have only been 2 weekly updates (on 15th August 2015 and 11th November 2016) missed in 7 years due to factors beyond my control.
But how long will I continue?
Who knows?
I hope I am still asking the same question in one year’s time.

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